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Best Options for the Perfect Soap Company

Of course, everyone knows how to use soap – for washing hands and washing, for washing, for cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in the house. But there are unusual ways to use soap to solve small household problems. We share our favorite life hacks on the use of soap.

Using soap in everyday life

Toilet soap with a pleasant smell
can be used as a fragrance, laying it among the linen and clothes in cabinets
and suitcases. It is tight zipper-smear with a piece of dry soap. After that,
the lightning dog will slide perfectly over the teeth.

To smooth out the perfect arrows
on the trousers for a long time, you need to rub the fabric along the arrow
from the seamy side with dry soap, turn it to the front side and iron it. Small
pieces remaining from the ending piece of soap can be used as tailor’s crayon.
The lines left by the soap are clearly visible, and there is no trace of them
after washing.

If the drawer of the table, cabinet, or chest of drawers does not slide out easily, it is enough to rub the bottom of the drawer with the outside and the supports along which the drawer extends (to reduce friction) with soap the move of the drawer will again become easy. From andersonsoap company now you will have the best of it.

Using soap, check the tightness of the connections on the gas pipe

It is necessary to lubricate the
pipe with soap solution, and if there is a leak, soap bubbles will appear.

  • To facilitate screwing the screw into wooden
    parts, you can lubricate its threaded part with soap.
  • Lubricate the hand saw teeth with soap. This
    will facilitate cutting and prevent sticking.
  • Laundry soap perfectly launders brushes from oil
  • With soapy water you can easily and quickly
    attach Christmas snowflakes to windows and mirrors.
  • In the cold season, you can wipe the lenses of
    the glasses with soapy water, and they will not mist over.
  • It is effective to spray the garden against
    aphids, beetles and other pests with a soap solution.
  • For the prevention of diseases of indoor plants
    they are treated with a solution of household soap.
  • If you put a piece of laundry soap under the
    sink, it will drive the ants away.

Not every hostess represents how
wide the scope of the ordinary laundry soap is. But this nondescript brown
piece can replace a whole arsenal of detergents and compete with expensive
chemistry, which is filled with supermarket shelves. It may seem that ordinary
washing soap is a relic of the past, reminiscent of Soviet times. However,
after becoming acquainted with its valuable properties, it becomes clear why
sometimes it is still worth returning to the old, proven and safe means.

True, today even the usual washing soap manufacturers try to give a more attractive look, and now in the shops we can see the snow-white fragrant bars with various additives. But with the acquisition of beautiful appearance soap lost its wonderful properties. Therefore, we are interested in the very, grandmother’s, 72 percent yellow-brown soap with a strange smell. As a rule, it is quite cheap, and you can find it on the lowest shelves of the racks.