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Can You Pass A Hair Test With Aloe Rid?


In the past, urine and blood tests were more commonly used for finding traces of narcotics in the human body. Today, the hair test is becoming more popular because of its precise result of the drugs being used in the past 90 days.

Another reason why lawyers, the police, and law in general love it is because it’s harder to be faked. The hair grows at a slow rate but once you consumed the drug their particles stay inside your body. That way, even though the drug has disappeared from your blood a long time ago and you also cleaned your urine too, it is still visible in follicles.

Tricky, huh? Yes, it is. Luckily, every problem in this world of ours has a solution too. One of the most common solutions to this problem is called Nexxus aloe rid detox shampoo. It is a shampoo that is able to completely clean your hair from the narcotic particles building up in your follicles as it grows. The only problem – you have to do it regularly as the prescription says.

How it really works?

This is a standard washing shampoo and you can use it for your normal daily bath time. It cleans your hair but it’s made of such ingredients that are able to get rid of the drug leftovers inside. The total number of ingredients in it is 31. It’s like a cocktail of substances to make it clean of everything there is inside.

It is able to get rid of much more than just the drug particles. Everything you have that impacts negatively on your hair will be washed off with this shampoo. It’s like the ultimate shampoo and that’s why it comes with a higher price than anything else you find on the market that’s labeled shampoo.

How to use it?

This can be a real problem for people who are not big fans of water and showering. You need to wash your hair for up to 4 times a day and about 10 days in a row prior to the follicle test. What’s really important is to get deep and thorough because the officials are not going to pay attention to everything you have on your head, but only on one small part of it.

The lab practitioners only test the closest part to your scalp – the shaft. This is because there is most likely to find anything no matter when you used drugs. How? Well, this part is like a journal of your daily intake. If you took something 3 months ago, this will show small but visible results. If you did it 2 days ago it will show clear results. See this great article to learn all about it.

They don’t analyze the whole thing because it is more easily manageable. You might cut it or wash it off and the results won’t be true. The shaft is harder to reach and the results are more accurate.

Knowing this, you need to do a great job with the Aloe Rid shampoo. You have to get inside your scalp and make sure no part of your hair is forgotten because you never know which follicle will fall in the hands of the doctors.



If we make a shorter version of what we just said, the conclusion would be – yes, you’ll definitely pass the follicle test by using this shampoo. The only concern is whether you’ll follow instructions as prescribed.

Knowing that you need to pay extra attention with the washing, some people fail to do this and fail the test too. Other do it too obsessively and damage their scalp skin. You need to be somewhere in the middle. Learn about the rights ways to wash on this link:

If you wash it at least 3 times a day and up to 10 days before the testing, chances are around 99,9 percent that you’ll pass. The good part is you can always use it, no matter if you do drugs or not. It will protect you in all situations. You don’t need to stop using what you use. It’s enough if you just wash up regularly.