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Unknown facts about Cannabis Seeds

As we all know, Cannabis, also known
as Marijuana, is one of the drugs obtained from Cannabis plant. It is mainly
used all over the world as a drug, to go into high moods, getting isolated from
this world. But it is still being used for many medical and recreational
applications. In this article, we are going to see about some of the unknown
facts about Cannabis

Cannabis Seeds – Points to be noted

are some of the facts that most of the people don’t know about Cannabis Seeds:

  • Same Look – There are many different varieties
    of Cannabis Seeds and one major thing to look for is the entire types look very
    similar. A good quality cannabis seed will be dark brown in color and mostly,
    have a tiger stripped pattern on it. Their size should not be more than a match
    stick head.
  • Healthy – Another point to be noted is that
    Cannabis has an excellent, balanced composition of nutrients and fatty acids.
    This makes them a perfect ingredient for many medicines and also can be
    preferred to consume in very small quantities for people under certain
  • Very Old – Can you imagine when people started
    using Cannabis? Researchers have concluded that it is in use among people from
    minimum 2800 BC. At that time periods, Cannabis seeds were used for making
    ropes, dresses and of course, getting high. Researches also state that at that
    time, no piping objects were found, leading to the conclusion that people of
    that time were consuming it in other means.
  • Effective Ingredient – Hemp
    Oil, one of the healthy products that can be used for many medicinal purposes,
    is derived from Cannabis Seeds. This oil is very rich in fatty acids like Omega
    3 and Omega 6. The emp oil is also used for skin related issues and to get a
    shiny skin. Above all, hemp oil was considered to be the exact required thing
    for the production of biodiesel.
  • Good for Nerve Pains – Many researchers
    have yielded the result that cannabis seeds or medicines made out of them can
    relieve people from nerve stresses for a short amount of time. Based on the
    dosage, the effect can vary from 2-6 hours.


Whatever the thing, if it is used
within limits, it can be proved to be very useful. The same thing can go for
Cannabis seeds also. With limited use, it can be a great additive for medicines
and also the extracts can be used in day to day diet for perfect fatty acids