We have a social structure to which we are expected to adhere to. If not follow the norms of the society then we get out to cast. Earlier, we refused to accept people who did not belong to a particular gender but now after a lot of hustle by activists, a third gender or transgender is recognized. But it is an umbrella term and it says nothing about people who are not physically varying. The effeminate men crossdressers or sissies.

The motive of sissy training is to empower such people who lived their whole life in a disguise so that they are accepted. It is to make them stand up for themselves, get recognized in an identity they want and live peacefully in their true self.

Sissy training has various layers to cover. But everything happens in accordance with the person’s wish. And that’s why before starting the training, the whole process is thoroughly explained by a friendly trainer.

The training generally comprises of 4 stages:

Stage 1: Take up a part-time job as sissy while on training and save on the rooms that they will be allotted especially for their training period. Various assignments will be given and once in a week interaction with the trainer to check the progress.

Stage 2: On successful completion of the first stage, the person is relocated to a sissy house where a Master or mistress will be supervising his every activity and behaviour. Numerous sessions will beauticians, nutritionist, dance instructor etc. will be involved.

Stage3: The transformation slowly creeps in and one is expected to make a real career as a sissy. He will be the house leader taking responsibilities

Stage4: The last stage is where one has completely transformed. They become attractive and desirable human beings. Dates are arranged for them so that they live a happy married life or they can retire and settle, occasionally assisting other aspiring sissies.

You have one life to live it right. Let Sissy training help you make the transformation.

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